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Parents Information


If you would like your child to attend one of our clubs please download the registration form and contract below and fill it in. The completed form can either by emailed to us at or printed out and given to one of our staff directly - before the child is due to start.


If your child requires medication please complete the form below and return to us as soon as possible.

Registration and Records


A register will be kept of all children attending the Club. Records will also be kept detailing all necessary information about children, including emergency telephone numbers, special medical conditions and dietary needs. 

Please immediately notify us of any changes.

All information and records that we keep are completely confidential.




Full public and employees liability insurance is provided so that all staff, volunteers and children are insured against accident or injury.




There will be a minimum of one paid member of staff to every eight children, under the age of eight.The ratio for the children aged eight and over will be a minimum of 1:10 and staff are trained and or undertaking training at the present time.  All senior staff will hold a First Aid certificate. On occasions volunteers may be used in addition to paid staff. All staff and volunteers will be vetted. All staff over the age of 16 must complete a DC2 form and have an indate DBS police check.


Cancellations – After School Club


In the event of children failing to attend after-school sessions for which they are booked, due, for example, to illness, staff training days or holidays during term time, we regret to inform you that they also have to be paid for (There is no charge for bank holidays).


In order to terminate your contract with Busy Bees Mill Hill Limited we require 30 days’ notice in writing to be given to the Group Leader prior to removal or full fees will be payable up until 30 days’ notice has been given. (This notice also applies to any change of days).


If outstanding fees are not paid in full then we regret to inform you that the balance will be handed over to our debt collectors who will take steps in order to recoup the debt. This may result in you having a poor credit rating.




Busy Bees (Mill Hill) Limited will always do their best to deal with any complaints that you may have. We request that these complaints be made to the manager and can assure you that any complaint will be taken very seriously. You may also inform Ofsted of any complaints or concerns that you may have. Ofsted can be contacted on the following telephone number: 08456 404040. If you would like more information then you can visit We welcome any suggestions that you may have as to how we can improve the quality of our care and there is a suggestions book left out every day at the club. If you are unsure where to find this then please ask a member of our staff team.


Loss of your childs place


Failure to adhere to the clubs terms and conditions as outlined on the website will result in instant loss of your child’s place at Busy Bees.


Busy Bees also reserves the right to cancel your contract as of immediate effect due to any verbal or aggressive behaviour by either children or parents/carers towards any other child, parent or Busy Bees member of staff. Any form of misconduct is completely unacceptable.


Bullying is also looked on as extremely serious at Busy Bees. Any form of bullying or discrimination could also result in instant dismissal from Busy Bees.


The cost of any damages to Busy Bees property are payable in full by the parents of the children responsible. This could also result in dismissal from the club if deemed appropriate by the Group Leader.


Busy Bees reserves the right to terminate any child’s place at any time with just reason without giving any notice period.


Working Families Tax Credit


The club will require fees for a full term in advance before giving details to complete any Working Families Tax Credit forms. The club will also require completed signed Enrolment forms for each child wishing to attend the after school or holiday club.

If you cancel your child’s place once we have given you details for completing the tax credit form then it is our duty to inform the Inland Revenue.



 "The club offers a broad range of activities, both indoors and outdoors, which help children to relax, play and learn"


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