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Monday 29th July to Friday 16th August 2024


Dear Parents/Guardians

We will only be able to offer a limited amount of spaces!

Single Days Available

09.00-17.00 £35.00 PER DAY, PER CHILD


08.00-09.00 £5.00 PER DAY, PER CHILD

17.00-18.00 £5.00 PER DAY, PER CHILD


This is available to children to all children.

Loss of Property, Busy Bees Mill Hill Ltd will not be liable for any property, valuables, clothing or any items that your child brings to the Holiday Club.

If you wish to make a booking, then please email the following information:

Parents Full Names:

Child/rens Full Name, Date of Birth, Age:

Dates and Time Slots Required:

Allergies, Medication and Dietary Information:


Holiday bookings must be made and paid in full two weeks before the club is due to start. If bookings are made after this time and the number of children rises, Busy Bees reserves the right to refuse their service. Every effort will be made to accommodate you and your child/ren, but we regret that a £5 charge for every session/day booked after the deadline will be added to the invoice if additional agency staff need to be hired. 

Unfortunately, fees are non-refundable once the place has been booked and paid for and if the invoice has not been paid two weeks prior to the start of the Holiday Club then your booking will be cancelled, and you will have to request a new booking which may incur the £5.00 late booking charge.

All information will be kept confidential in line with our Data Protection Policy and our Privacy Notice.

Busy Bees are currently running two popular After School Clubs at Deansbrook Infant School and Junior School. We have also recently started a breakfast club at Deansbrook Juniors running before school starts. Our Holiday programmes are held at Deansbrook Junior School for children ages 4-13. We welcome all children from different schools that may not attend the after school club.

"The club offers a broad range of activities, both indoors and outdoors, which help children to relax, play and learn" Ofsted 2015

Ofsted Rating


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